Booth Rental

Ever thought about being a dealer?


  • Open year-round, seven days a week
  • Excellent location near downtown Denver in a High-Traffic area
  • No work day requirements for dealers
  • You, the dealer, are not required to be present to make sales
  • You are paid for sales monthly (detailed statement included with check)
  • 6 month lease agreements
  • We collect and remit all sales tax
  • Monitored security and video surveillance systems to discourage theft
  • Advertising for you online and in local papers
  • We provide bags and tissue for in store sales
  • Friendly knowledgeable sales staff
  • Monthly computerized bookkeeping, statements and paychecks

Booth Rentals rates vary $2.10 – $2.50 per sq. ft.  There is a 10% commission fee and 4% on all credit card fees.   We have a STANDING WAITING LIST so please call AS SOON AS POSSIBLE .


Q: “Do I need to be in my booth to ring up my sales?”

A:  No.  Antique’s Etc. takes care of ringing up all sales.  You will be assigned a booth number, and you will need to put this number on your price tags.  Our computerized system will keep a record of your sales.

Q: “How do I lease a booth?”

A:   It’s very simple with our month to month lease.  To enter into a lease, you will need to provide your first month’s rent, plus security deposit equal to one month’s rent.

Q: “How do I pay rent?”

A:   Rent will be deducted from your monthly sales, rent payments may be dropped off at the store, or you may mail your rent to Antique’s Etc. 5736 E. Colfax, Denver, CO 80220.  Please include your vendor number on your check.

Q: “Are dealers required to work at the store?”

A:  No, but the best dealers are in regularly.

Q: “When may I stock my booth?”

A:  You may stock your booth during normal business hours.